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Investing Stock Picks


InvestingPicks knows how to pick the best stocks. Many new traders spend days if not weeks holding some stock and waiting until it makes a significant move. Some times such stocks dont Go Up at all and become a complete waste of time, money and effort. knows how to effectively find and when to pick good stocks that are ready to engage in profitable rallies.

Gaining A Lifetime Of Experience - The Quick Way. Is it possible for people to really make a substantial profit using Investing Stock System, even to become millionaires? Certainly there are some people who make huge amounts of money with stocks, ordinary people who trade in their own time perhaps as a hobby rather than as a professional trader. It is very likely however that although they started on stocks they eventually moved up to other potentially more profitable stocks using larger sums of money once they felt they were more experienced, and had more money to spend. Of course the question then becomes how do you start making profits quickly in stocks with the least risk?

Before we answer that question, let us quickly define exactly what we mean by Investing Stock System.  The Investing Stock Picks System brings an unique technical analysis. We find stocks that has high annual return for our Stock Picks System. As a member, you will access our stock picks, the best Stock Picks System in the world! We do 2-10 trades, on average, each week. You will also receive access to our covered calls system where we find the most profitable covered call options for any kind of market conditions.

We make the stock picking look easy. You don't have to spend many hours a days looking over the financial pages, numbers, and trying to identify and analyze which stocks to pick. We do it for you! Now you can spend just few minutes of your valuable time reviewing our stock ideas and research and be ready to make sound investment decisions. We find quality stocks based on technicals, 100% mechanical. The Stock Picks System is based on picking the right companies AT THE RIGHT TIME. That is how we are able to easily double or triple the return of an average investor. Using technical analysis correctly is key to achieving excellent results. Each time we pick, we alert our investors after the closing bell that we will be buying a new stock at the opening bell the next day. provides its members with valuable and timely stock picking ideas to make sound investment decisions and reduce the risk of investing in the stock market. If you are someone who wants to invest in the stock market, but only do a minimal amount of homework, then you want We will do all the research, provide you with a selection of stock ideas and show their track record, provide you information every day, and all you have to do is sign up. Through its model portfolios, daily stock picks, and updates, provides its members with valuable and timely stock picking ideas to make sound investment decisions and reduce the risk of investing in the stock market.
Now that we know what our systems  are, how can we quickly work out what to trade and when, to maximize our profits? Remember, normally only after we have made a number of trades using small low risk sums can we even think about making the kind of trades we need to make the big money quickly. In most cases traders simply have to put in the hours - and weeks and months and years - to become experienced in the market. Only after trading many times and analyzing the trends and results over a long period can a trader say he really understands trading stocks, and even then he will still lose on many trades.

We  have created a piece of software which performs scans of stocks looking for companies who are forming bullish trading patterns, ie their stocks are about to increase. It records historical information constantly and learns more and more over time, and every week it outputs recommendations of stocks it thinks should be bought and sold. These recommendations are only made when the software is confident in the outcome, based on the huge amount of data it has analyzed.

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